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It’s tough, isn’t it? You KNOW that what you’re doing could really help people. Maybe even a LOT of people. What you’re doing is life-changing. Or it could be. You’re so close.

But the problem is, nobody really gets what you do, do they? You go to conferences and people kind of tune out when you talk about it. Too many sales calls and meetings end in crickets. Heck, even your mom doesn’t totally get what you do, and she really, really wants to.

Sound familiar? If so, you have change-maker-itus. It’s common, and all too often fatal. Seriously. A lot of good people that could do amazing work in the world  to the brands that are trying to do the most good in the world. Because life isn’t fair. Seriously. But you know that.

I have watched more good people who just want to help others STRUGGLE to connect others to their great big earth-shaking ideas. Or fall by the wayside because they weren’t sure how to take their really good idea and turn it into something that others can’t live without.

I know how tough it is. I struggled too. Until I stumbled on the 5 Shifts. Once you learn them, you won’t struggle so much either. Go on, watch our FREE Webinar right now, and then schedule a free call with me. 

“Basically, she was awesome, made it super easy to understand, and helped break it down into step-by-step tips – keeping the whole thing from being overwhelming or putting too much pressure on to “don’t screw this up.” Big thumbs up!”


Laura Tribe , Executive Director